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Timetable of AirTime Activities at Skelton

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Activity: Air Fitness

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Mon 19 Aug
Tue 20 Aug
Wed 21 Aug
Thu 22 Aug
Fri 23 Aug
Sat 24 Aug
Sun 25 Aug
Mon 26 Aug

You can book upto 180 days in the future.

Air Fitness


Why not make you physical activity fun?

Sometime maintaining a healthy active lifestyle needs a bit of excitement!

Why not take part in an instructor led class within our Park!

We pride ourselves to deliver the best, so the classes will be led by qualified, experienced instructors who can help you to see results quickly!

We will be looking to accommodate classes which incorporate cardio using the trampolines but also core strength and conditioning classes as well as things such as kettlebells and HITT.


Early Bird Discount Early Bird Discount

Looking for a GREAT OFFER. Book an Air Fun 2 days in the future to receive a discount.

Early Bird bookings start at £6.00. per session.
To receive an Early Bird Discount, book on 21 Aug 2019 or later.
Please note Terms And Conditions apply.

Please note minimum ages:-
Air + 4 to 16 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 1 Junior.
Air Fun - 4+ years (Standard).
Air Families - Ages 4 to 13 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 2 Juniors.
Air Tots - Ages 2 to 5 years. One supervising Standard Age 18+ for every 2 Juniors.
Air Party - Age 4+.