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Timetable of AirTime Activities at Skelton

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Activity: Air + (Additional Needs)

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Fri 22 Jan
Sat 23 Jan
Sun 24 Jan
Mon 25 Jan
Tue 26 Jan
Wed 27 Jan
Thu 28 Jan
Fri 29 Jan

You can book upto 180 days in the future.

Air + (Additional Needs)


A session aimed at children/ young adults with additional needs, the child would need to be supervised and supported by an adult on a one to one basis.

Ages 4-16

Saturday 10am until 11am. 
Thursdays 6pm - 7pm termtime, 5pm - 6pm school holidays

Early Bird Discount Early Bird Discount

Looking for a GREAT OFFER. Book an Air Fun 2 days in the future to receive a discount.

Early Bird bookings start at £7.00. per session.
To receive an Early Bird Discount, book on 24 Jan 2021 or later.
Please note Terms And Conditions apply.

Please note minimum ages:-
Air + 4 to 16 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 1 Junior.
Air Fun - 4+ years (Standard).
Air Families - Ages 4 to 13 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 2 Juniors.
Air Tots - Ages 2 to 5 years. One supervising Standard Age 18+ for every 2 Juniors.
Air Party - Age 4+.