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Activity: Air Party

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Mon 25 Jan
Tue 26 Jan
Wed 27 Jan
Thu 28 Jan
Fri 29 Jan
Sat 30 Jan
Sun 31 Jan
Mon 01 Feb

You can book upto 180 days in the future.

Air Party


Our AirParties are for 4+ years old. Parties can be booked for a minimum of 8 children to a maximum of 20 children. 

What's included?!

  • Invitations (electronic) 
  • 60 Minute bounce session.

  • Socks for all party guests.

  • Hot Dog, Pizza and sharing Nachos.

  • Unlimited soft drinks

  • 30 mins in the party room.

    Before you party... 

    Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your bounce session. 

    An AirParty Planner will be in touch in the 7 days prior to the party to confirm numbers, collect payment and confirm names, ages and dates of birth of guests. 

    Party Guest Waivers - Parents of any party guests must sign waivers for their children online, ideally a minimum of 7 days in advance of the party date. Instructions for doing this are given on invitations. 

    Your AirParty Planner will need full names, ages and dates of birth of all children attending and will collect these from you during the 7 days leading up to your party, so please keep a list of full names of guests who confirm their attendance, this is referred to as The Guestlist.

Early Bird Discount Early Bird Discount

Looking for a GREAT OFFER. Book an Air Fun 2 days in the future to receive a discount.

Early Bird bookings start at £7.00. per session.
To receive an Early Bird Discount, book on 24 Jan 2021 or later.
Please note Terms And Conditions apply.

Please note minimum ages:-
Air + 4 to 16 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 1 Junior.
Air Fun - 4+ years (Standard).
Air Families - Ages 4 to 13 (Junior). One supervising Standard Age 18+ required for every 2 Juniors.
Air Tots - Ages 2 to 5 years. One supervising Standard Age 18+ for every 2 Juniors.
Air Party - Age 4+.